Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local authors on the big screen

For the next two weeks some of Oxford's writers will be gracing us with their presence on the big screen. Up first is Jim Dees who will take on a comfortable role he knows well as himself, Jim Dees, in a documentary about Thacker Mountain Radio. As host, Dees will be included in much of the behind the scenes and on stage footage that Mary Warner, former Thacker Mountain producer, captured over the past year.

Warner has returned from Atlanta this week to world premiere her new documentary about Oxford's beloved Thacker Mountain Radio. The screening will be on Monday, July 27 at The Lyric theater as part of the Oxford Film Festival Summer Series. Tickets are $5 and will serve as a fundraiser for the film festival.

Up next week is a special screening of the local werewolf film "Night of the Loup Garou" starring none other than our own blogger and local author Ace Atkins along with Scott Morris, Rhes Low, Johnny McPhail, Thad Lee, Nathan Buttrey, Haven Nutt and Tiffany Kilpatrick. The group of werewolf hunters take refuge in Taylor, Miss. to hunt the famed loup garou. Who will survive? Who will have a hilarious accent? Who may end up wearing a colander? Find out on Monday, Aug. 3 at the Lyric. If you are dying to find out more, visit Mississippi Werewolf for a sneak peak.
Micah Ginn, director of the film, will be on hand for a Q&A after the film - as well as hopefully much of the cast!

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