Friday, October 30, 2009


Hell, yes. What could be better than a kick-ass rock 'n roll show with the Cooters on Halloween night? The boys will be at the Two Stick tomorrow night for what should be a wild show.

If you don't know the Cooters than you haven't been in The Ditch long.

But this is a little explanation from their myspace page:

The highway: you know, that striped concrete abomination between roadkill and chugged beer bottles, leading from the middle of nowhere to everywhere. Well, The Cooters are on it. They're on it more than other bands because they're from Mississippi, where rock and roll begins and ends. They're not from California, not New York City, not even Nashville, but from Mississippi, where you have to drive to make ends meet. These boys are used to drivin' long hours and workin real hard to get their music to the people.

The Cooters run the gamut of rock and roll styles; playing everything from punk to metal, making pit stops at all points in between.

The Colonel Reports to Proud Larry's Tonight

Ok. So it's a crummy, rainy night in the Ditch. But a fantastic show at Larry's. Col. Bruce Hampton and The Quark Alliance arrive in town. Nothing like good music and cold beer to make you feel good.

Col. Bruce Hampton has been making music since he formed his first band in 1963. Col. Bruce has been in constant motion ever since leaving a trail of memorable live performances with his many bands, including The Late Bronze Age and Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit.

Along the way he appeared in the movie "Sling Blade" as the poet and band manager Morris and starred in Mike Gordon's cult classic "Outside Out" as a mystical guitar 'out'structor.

Since 2006, The Colonel has been playing a unique blend of blues and jazz with his band Col. Bruce & The Quark Alliance, featuring Kris Dale (bass), Perry Osborn (guitar) and Duane Trucks (drums).

Still rolling down the road, Col. Bruce continues his quest for the tonal center at each exit #6

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Friday, October 16, 2009


According to our friend, Cherry, there are two great shows well worth the cash: Hill Country Review at Larry's and Wiley and the Checkmates at the Library. She recommends checking out both shows, maybe get in a solid blues groove at Larry's and then slide over to the Library for some Southern Soul with Mr. Wiley.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Kenny Brown grew up in the hill country of northern Mississippi and knows the region's music well. As a 10 year old, he learned to play guitar from his neighbor Joe Callicott, and has played with Mississippi Blues Masters ever since. Kenny's musical style has been influenced by Jr. Kimbrough, Fred McDowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, & Muddy Waters to name a few. He played with R.L. Burnside for 26 years, and over the last few years he has traveled all over the world spreading the North Mississippi Hill Country sound. -- Music starts at 9 p.m. on a rainy Oxford night.

Loup Garou Lives!

In a land far, far, far away, the Loup Garou has reemerged. Thanks to the Tupelo Film Festival gang, we're just one week away from the screening of Micah Ginn's "Night of the Loup Garou", a B-movie styled horror romp filmed primarily in Taylor

Micah Ginn is going to be in attendance to talk about the film. Also, Tupelo Film Commissioner, Pat Rasberry, has agreed to award a prize to whoever shows up in the best costume.

The price for the event, held at the Tupelo Link Centre (1800 W Main) on October 22 at 6:30pm, is only $5 and includes complementary popcorn and soda.

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Those Darlins are a pop group, if they are any one thing, which doesn't mean anybody with ears can't hear the country and rock 'n' roll in their sound and stance. Or maybe this trio of young women, who live a long stone's throw from Nashville, Tennessee in the college town of Murfreesboro, are punks straight out of London or Cleveland, 1977.

Informed by Nashville and its intersecting indie, pop, and country scenes—and aware of the twisted tradition of Appalachian roots music that stretches back beyond the Carter Family, Those Darlins are, nevertheless, not of Nashville. They write their own songs, record in New York City with producer Jeff Curtin (whose credits include Vampire Weekend's debut), and talk convincingly about female empowerment, music history, and egalitarian ideals of performance and business. And, in practice, they are rockers. In the backyard of their shared suburban house—which is littered with musical instruments and cast-off whiskey bottles, they stick wires in the spindle holes of old LPs, hang them from the magnolia tree, and shoot them with BB guns. They're good shots.


Friday, October 2, 2009


October 2, 2009: 60th Anniversary Screening of Intruder in the Dust, at the Lyric
7:00 p.m., $35/person (bundles of 10 tickets discounted)

To commemorate the anniversary of Intruder in the Dust, based on the novel by William Faulkner, the Oxford Film Festival is hosting a special screening of the film, on loan from MGM, at the Lyric Theatre, site of the 1949 premiere.

Local filmmaker Joe York’s documentary about the making of the film on location in Oxford will also be a part of the program. (Read more about that film here.) Special guest star Claude Jarman, Jr., Academy Award winner for The Yearling (Best Juvenile Star, 1947), will share his memories of being the teenage star of Intruder in the Dust.

This gala evening will begin with a reception catered by James Beard Award-winning chef John Currence. The menu will include many of the selections from the original cast party in 1949. Following the screenings, musical performances will close the night.

Schedule of Events

7:00-7:30 pm Reception for sponsors and ticket holders, catered by John Currence
7:30pm Premiere of Joe York's documentary about the making of Intruder in the Dust
8:00pm Watch the film, Intruder in the Dust, with Q&A following with Claude Jarman, Jr.
9:45pm Musical performances, TBD

Sponsorship opportunities are still available!

Please contact us at 877-560-FILM for more information.anceled. Apologies for any inconveniences.