Friday, October 30, 2009


Hell, yes. What could be better than a kick-ass rock 'n roll show with the Cooters on Halloween night? The boys will be at the Two Stick tomorrow night for what should be a wild show.

If you don't know the Cooters than you haven't been in The Ditch long.

But this is a little explanation from their myspace page:

The highway: you know, that striped concrete abomination between roadkill and chugged beer bottles, leading from the middle of nowhere to everywhere. Well, The Cooters are on it. They're on it more than other bands because they're from Mississippi, where rock and roll begins and ends. They're not from California, not New York City, not even Nashville, but from Mississippi, where you have to drive to make ends meet. These boys are used to drivin' long hours and workin real hard to get their music to the people.

The Cooters run the gamut of rock and roll styles; playing everything from punk to metal, making pit stops at all points in between.

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