Tuesday, June 23, 2009

more like the molten velvet ditch

Summer is officially here and it's brutal out there. I wanted to let everyone know that despite the heat, Square Books is continuing on with some pretty good events this week:

Today Tues June 23rd at 5 pm, we have Josh Weil author of The New Valley published by our friends at Grove/Atlantic. It's a debut collection of linked novellas and been getting great praise. Jim Harrison writes "... it has a sense of the notable on every page." Tim O'Brien writes "There is a magic and gentle beauty in this book that makes me remember why I always wanted to be a writer."

Tomorrow Wed June 24th at noon, we have Ralph Eubanks author of The House at the End of the Road. In his first book, Eubanks explored his youth in Mississippi during integration now he goes back another generation to his grandparents in Alabama and their interracial marriage.

Tomorrow Wed June 24th at 5 pm we have Attica Locke author of Black Water Rising. Another debut effort that is well worth checking out. This is a crime novel thatis set in the African American community in Houston in the '80s oil boom. Reminds me of first reading Mystic River or Time to Kill. Powerful stuff. Attica is also a screenwriter and working on an HBO miniseries about the civil rights movement.

Come by if you can. We'll have our usual decent semi-cheapish wine, some form of cheese and crackers and air conditioning plus some great authors.

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  1. Ace (and anyone else who was involved with the movie):

    I saw The Night of the Loup Garou in Madison last night. Great stuff! Y'all really made an entertaining flick!