Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whoa, Mule

Gov't Mule plays the Lyric for what will most likely be the first awesome Rock Show of the new decade on January 27. The last time I remember Mule playing around here, the band was in its nascent stages. Warren Haynes and Allen Woody were still playing in the Allman Brothers and the Mule was their side band. This was 1994. I remember the year because on the night Mule was playing, I was in Memphis watching the Rolling Stones play at the Liberty Bowl, back when they used to have concerts there and all the big stadium tours would come to Memphis. It was the Voodoo Lounge tour. Wikipedia tells me the date was September 27.

The Mule show was a late night show at The Turning Point on the Lafayette-Panola county line. Blues Traveler had played earlier that night at whatever the Library was called back then. Traveling back from Memphis, The Counselor and I spotted the commotion and the crowd on highway 6 and pulled in to see the best Rock Show we saw that night.

Afterwards, we stood in the muddy driveway that led up to the rambling plywood shack called The Turning Point and passed around a bottle of wine and listened to Warren Haynes tell us that he was thinking of making this band a full-time gig.

Here's a shaky video of the Mule doing "Broken Down On The Brazos" from their new album, By A Thread. The video is taken from the same vantage point I'll be watching them from next month:

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