Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Claudia Cardinale

Today's Hollywood can keep all the stickly thin, Botoxed women they want. I'll take the real women of 1960s cinema every time. How can you even compare today's actresses with Raquel, Pamela Tiffin, or the great Claudia Cardinale?

Claudia was almost superhuman in her heat and sexuality. If you need more than the photo above, make sure to check her out in Once Upon A Time in the West, 8 1/2, and the super kitchy Don't Make Waves with Tony Curtis.

There's a Claudia Cardinale fest on TCM tonight. I think the three films represent a nice assortment with her in a seminal western, a Fellini film, and then pure camp. Also highly recommended: The Professionals. A terrific gritty Western where I have no doubt men would risk their lives to save her.

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